Meta layoffs, which are scheduled for Wednesday, have sent ripples through the technology and augmented reality industries, raising queries about Meta's metaverse plans

Google recently laid off thousands of employees from the company, which narrates very depressing stories of the staff who had been with the tech giant for the longest time. One such story is of an Indian Google employee Ashish Kalsi, an associate principal of global engagement on Google’s trust and safety team, who was fired in the recent layoffs after 11 years of service along with his wife.

Indian Google Employee Shares a Heartfelt Note on Google

The laid-off Indian employee found him and his wife locked out of their system, and access to the internal resources was also blocked. In a state of shock and disbelief, he penned down a heartfelt note on LinkedIn, saying, “Two out of the 12,000 Googlers were staring at each other in disbelief in that room while our 2-year-old daughter slept peacefully not knowing (thankfully so) what just hit her family. It’s hard to explain what this feels like, especially when you’ve spent a third of your life at a place that’s given you so much and more that it becomes an integral part of your identity. I spent 11.5 amazing years at Google – staying loyal and committed to its mission and believing in its “do no evil” motto.”

The laid-off Indian Google employee expressed the grief of leaving the country in two months if he doesn’t find a job. “The dreaded H1b countdown has begun, and I’m starting to look for roles,” he wrote. Likewise, a husband and wife with a 4-month-old baby were also fired from Google were on parental leave. Many Googlers have expressed their disbelief at the abrupt and impersonal nature of the layoffs conducted over email.

Downside of H1B Visa Holders

The H1B visa holders having a job in the US are not allowed to stay back in the country for more than 60 days if they lose their job. These workers will have to find a new job in about 60 days, or they will have to leave the country. The visas are typically issued for three years but can be extended depending on the employment.

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