Despite James Cameron’s earlier announcement that he would never think about making a movie about the OceanGate submersible tragedy, MindRiot Entertainment has announced the development of a film titled “Salvaged.” This fictional project aims to shed light on the ill-fated journey of the OceanGate Titan submersible, taking viewers through the events before, during, and after its catastrophic dive to explore the Titanic wreckage.

“Salvaged” Takes Shape

MindRiot Entertainment announced their cinematic enterprise, “Salvaged,” as they dive deeper into the riveting narrative surrounding the OceanGate submersible incident. The film’s production will see collaboration with E. Brian Dobbins, known for his work on “Black-ish,” as a co-producer. The screenplay for this gripping feature will be co-written by Justin MacGregor and Jonathan Keasey, as they aim to chronicle the harrowing moments leading to the submersible’s tragic implosion.

Jonathan Keasey, one of the co-writers of “Salvaged,” expressed the film’s intention to honor those involved in the tragic incident and their families while also addressing concerns about today’s media landscape. Keasey highlighted the importance of truth and the need to counter sensationalism perpetuated by the modern media cycle.

The Titan Submersible Tragedy

The Titan submersible, operated by OceanGate, became the center of international attention when it mysteriously vanished during its dive to the Titanic’s depths. Lost less than two hours into its mission on June 18, the submersible’s disappearance triggered a massive search and rescue operation spanning the U.S. and Canada. Ultimately, wreckage from the Titan submersible was discovered near the Titanic on June 22.

Although James Cameron, the famed director of “Titanic,” disapproved of rumors about his involvement in a film related to the OceanGate tragedy, the incident remains a poignant memory for him. As a close friend of French Titanic explorer Paul-Henri “P.H.” Nargeolet, who tragically perished in the Titan submersible implosion, Cameron’s connection to the event adds a personal dimension to the unfolding narrative of “Salvaged.” The film promises to talk about the complexities of the tragedy, offering audiences a glimpse into the human stories behind the headlines.

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