A Columbian Court has hosted its first legal trial in the metaverse and wishes to do the same with virtual reality. As per details, the Columbia Magdalena Administrative Court conducted a legal hearing in the metaverse over a traffic dispute; the court magistrate said that it feels more real than a video call.

Details On First Legal Hearing in Metaverse

According to the media, the first legal hearing in Metaverse was conducted in Spanish and the hearing was heard using Meta’s Horizon Workrooms. The magistrate instructed participants to secure Oculus Quest 2 eyeglasses and configure their avatars in advance for the two and half hours proceeding. Moreover, the first legal hearing in metaverse was also live-streamed on YouTube.

The magistrate instructed participants to enter a verification code to prove their identities; all the participants appeared in avatars with the magistrate wearing a black legal robe; she described the experience as amazing “This is an academic experiment to show that there it’s possible… but where everyone consents to it, (my court) can continue to do things in the metaverse,” she said.

Metaverse to Modify Social Lifestyle

According to a survey on metaverse, 69% of the respondents believe that the metaverse will modify social lifestyles due to the approaches taken for entertainment and activities. Cathy Hackl, the author of ‘Into the Metaverse’ said that the physical world side of the metaverse will come in the next 10 years. She said that socialization will be deeply impacted by the metaverse.

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