Apple's CEO Tim Cook

During an interview with the Dutch media outlet, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, stressed the importance of learning coding from a young age, he was of the view that coding should be taught in Elementary school. According to Tim; “It’s the most important language you can learn,” he continued. Of course, your native language is more important for communication, but a programming language is a way to tap into your creativity.”

Coding is a Universal Language: Tim Cook

Tim said that coding is one of the most valuable skills a person can learn and it is the most significant language that can be learned by anyone. He said that coding can open new doors and opportunities for beginners and for that matter he has collaborated with 500 businesses to push the government to update the K-12 curriculum in each state of America and make computer science courses an essential part of elementary education.

Tim said that the US is a leading tech market but still coding is n taught to American students from elementary school which is like disregarding the American history with tech. He said; “The United States leads the world in technology, yet only 5% of our high school students study computer science. How is this acceptable? We invented the personal computer, the internet, and the smartphone. It is our responsibility to prepare the next generation for the new American Dream.”

Apple, Malala Team Up to Discuss the Importance of Teaching Coding to Girls

Apple’s CEO has joined Malala Yousafzai and Mary Papazian, the president of San Jose State University to discuss education and the importance of teaching girls to code. Cook said to the students in attendance; “We have tried to focus on teaching coding skills to everyone. Everyone should learn to code before they graduate.” He further added; “Malala is an unparalleled champion for access to education – a basic human right. Apple is proud to continue our partnership with the @MalalaFund to help 130 million girls get a safe, quality education.”

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