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According to recent reports, Clubhouse app will soon launch a new Music Mode, high-quality audio, which will heighten the user experience while playing and listening to live music. The latest feature will offer better optimization with Clubhouse’s music in order to provide higher quality sound with stereo output. 


So far, the popular audio platform has not explained what exactly will make this new feature provide more high-quality sound or on what parameters will it be improved. Though, the app has revealed that users will be able to attach expert equipment to their devices in order to intensify quality during the broadcast. 


Clubhouse’s Spatial Audio Feature Gives a Concert-Like Feel 


The latest high-quality audio music mode comes two months after Clubhouse launched the spatial audio feature. As the name implies, the spatial audio feature offers a sound effect that imitates sound produced in a room full of people, giving it a more concert-like feel.


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Furthermore, in order to access the high-quality audio music mode, the user will just have to click on the three dots on the corner of the room. The user can then select the audio quality and then choose Music. 


The Latest High-Quality Audio Music Mode Will Initially be Available for iOS Users 


Moreover, Clubhouse also launched a Clips feature that enables users to capture 30-second audio which supports stereo sound. The latest high-quality audio Music Mode will initially only be available on iOS, but Clubhouse says that the rollout to Android will follow shortly behind.


In late August, the audio platform made another investment in audio quality with spatial audio, a feature that offers listeners a feeling that different speakers in one of its group audio rooms are conversing from different physical locations — an effect more similar to how we’d sense a real-life social interaction.


Source: TechCrunch


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