The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recently convened a crucial meeting, presided over by Noor Alam Khan, to address two grave issues that have shaken the foundations of trust in Pakistan’s institutions. The first concerning NADRA’s data leak and sale, and the second involving the fraudulent issuance of arms licenses under the names of MNAs (Members of the National Assembly). As the investigation unfolds, the PAC is determined to restore integrity and accountability to protect citizens’ data and preserve the sanctity of the nation’s justice system.

NADRA’s Data Leak Raises Alarms

At the PAC meeting, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) provided a detailed briefing on the concerning data leak from NADRA. This breach has severely compromised the personal records of every Pakistani citizen. The inquiry, however, faced resistance from NADRA officials, who allegedly obstructed an officer from accessing the leaked data. Urging cooperation, Noor Alam Khan has sought the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s intervention to ensure an unimpeded inquiry and safeguard the nation’s integrity.

The Chairman of PAC stressed the severity of the situation, noting that corruption appears to have permeated all facets of society. He pointed out that Pakistan’s judiciary ranks 128th globally, highlighting the significance of resolving issues like the NADRA data leak and fabricated findings in the NTL (Nadra Technologies Limited) to rebuild trust in the country’s justice system.

The Fake Arms License Scandal

Alongside the data leak, the PAC also discussed a separate case involving the fabrication of arms licenses through fraudulent letters in the names of MNAs. The investigation revealed that four individuals have been arrested for their involvement in this fraudulent scheme. These deceptive practices not only compromised the arms licensing system’s credibility but also caused significant delays for genuine applicants seeking licenses.

Taking proactive steps, the PAC decided to seek assistance from the Army Chief and Secretary of Defense, addressing letters to both of them. Additionally, the committee proposed the involvement of the Director-General of FIA in the audit process, ensuring transparency and thoroughness during committee meetings.

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