NADRA e-Sahulat

NADRA e-Sahulat is an online e-commerce platform inaugurated by NADRA in 2008. It enables customers to pay utility bills and conduct electronic transactions after thorough verification. NADRA e-Sahulat has more than 12000 franchises in the country, and is the best and most secure electronic transaction system available to citizens of Pakistan. 

Furthermore, NADRA e-Sahulat offers an online payment and collection facility to the general public and organizations through multiple outlets. The outlets across Pakistan have been connected to NADRA’s data warehouse via a secure internet connection and are placed at public places through its Franchise Network. Transferring money across Pakistan through NADRA e-Sahulat just requires an original and valid CNIC along with one Photocopy. To transfer money, the sender needs to provide the receiver’s CNIC number as well.

Products and Services of NADRA e-Sahulat 

  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Domestic Remittances (JazzCash & HBL Express)
  • Zakat and Pension Disbursement
  • Micro Finance Loan Installment Collection
  • Student Fee Collection (Virtual University of Pakistan)
  • Donation Collection
  • Pak-ID CNIC Fee Collection
  • Mobile Airtime
  • e-PIN vouchers of All Telco’s
  • Citizen CNIC Verification Service

Pay Your Utility Bills Easily 

The online service provides almost all the utility service providers and telecom operators in Pakistan on the platform. Using NADRA e-Sahulat, consumers can pay all the utility bills with absolute ease.

  • Take the utility bill and due amount to the nearest E-Sahulat franchise.
  • Give the Consumer ID/Bill reference number to the E-Sahulat franchise to retrieve the bill information.
  • Check all the retrieved bill data and confirm it.
  • Now pay the due amount and once the transaction is processed successfully, the customer will receive the receipt against the successful payment.

Send/Receive Money to Your Family 

How to use NADRA E-Sahulat

With NADRA e-Sahulat people can send/receive money to their family and friends across Pakistan. The sender and receiver are required to have a valid and original CNIC to complete the transaction. 

Directions to Send Money

To send money via NADRA e-Sahulat follow the below steps to complete the transaction:

  • Have a valid and Original CNIC with a photocopy 
  • Provide the receiver’s CNIC number
  • Mobile Numbers – Both, yours and the receiver’s
  • After sending the money, the sender will receive a confirmation message 

Directions to Receive Money

To receive money from an individual, you need to provide the following data to complete the transaction:

  • Original and valid CNIC and its photocopy
  • A 5-digits code that is sent to you by the sender 
  • Transaction ID

NADRA E-Sahulat Franchises

Furthermore, NADRA is also offering franchises of the online platform to small entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Any entrepreneur and small business owner can get an e-Sahulat services franchise on easy terms. 

NADRA e-sahulat website

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for NADRA e-Sahulat Franchise:

  • Users can download the franchise application form or can get it from NADRA’s regional offices.
  • Users can also apply online for it. 


  • Whether you’re applying online or offline, you need to deposit Rs.600/- in any branch of Habib Bank in the country.
  • After depositing the registration fee in HBL, the applicants are required to submit the application form in any NADRA regional office.
  • After that, click on ‘Submit Request’ to complete the registration process.

  • Prior to applying for the NADRA e-Sahulat franchise, you should check the eligibility criteria and prerequisites for starting a franchise.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Male/Female
  • CNIC Holder
  • Matric with Computer Literacy
  • Should have an aptitude for business
  • Small entrepreneur
  • No bank default and/or police history

Prerequisites for Franchises

  • Must have a shop or a place for conducting business
  • The business place should satisfy all standards & aesthetics placed by NADRA
  • It should be positioned in the vicinity of around 2500 homes
  • Franchise owners should have the capacity to market their products and do business

After the submission of the applications form, NADRA shortlists the applicants. After that, the E-Sahulat team does a location survey and evaluates the business potential. The team carries a small interview with the potential franchise owner, after which, they grant the license to the selected franchise owner. The team stations the system and trains the owner to work with it as well.

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