Zong partners with sehat kahani app

Zong partners with Sehat Kahani, a leading telemedicine startup, to provide free remote and online consultations for the marginalized communities of the society – those who are excluded from mainstream social, economic, educational, and/or cultural life.

Zong Partners with Sehat Kahani to provide free e-consultations

Zong has planned to offer more than 12,000 free e-health consultations to the underprivileged members of the community via the Sehat Kahani app. 7,000 of these consultations will facilitate Covid-19 relief patients whereas 5,000 consultations will apply to non-Covid cases. A 24/7 helpline will facilitate and follow-up with Covid suspects/patients through voice calls.

The venture strives to create awareness about COVID-19, to ensure that millions of Pakistanis have sufficient knowledge about; the new variants, prevention measures, pre-vaccine concerns, and post-vaccine cautions. Moreover, the initiative will create awareness videos and organize live sessions, which will be shared across the official communications channels of Zong 4G and Sehat Kahani’s social platforms.

Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong4G said; “Zong 4G firmly believes advances in technology and our connectivity will enable healthcare services to be more accessible and inclusive than ever. Our partnership with Sehat Kahani is a testament to our commitment to uplift Pakistan through digital services. As Pakistan battles the fourth Covid wave, health has become one of the key focus areas for the entire country. With frequent lockdowns and low access to primary health facilities, digital health is the best solution to the ongoing health crisis.”

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Live Q&A session to create awareness

Through its 35 e-health clinics and a Mobile App, Sehat Kahani has provided over 3.5 million consultations and has effectively facilitated over more than 7,000,000+ individuals. In partnership with Zong, Sehat Kahani will be conducting a live Q&A session where individuals will be able to ask questions regarding Covid-19. The session will be shared on Zong’s platform as well.

Sara Saeed Khurram, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sehat Kahani, said; “We welcome Zong’s move to use our platform for a greater good and extend the benefits of telemedicine to the masses, especially the underprivileged. We are very pleased by this partnership as it takes forward our mutual mission of democratizing healthcare in Pakistan using telemedicine solutions.”


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