The users are reportedly seeing the 1080p premium option along with the basic 1080p playback option.

Time and time over, many YouTube content creators have expressed anger and frustration over the increasing spam messages in the comments section and many YouTubers have been vocal about it, including Linus Tech Tips, Jacksepticeye, and MKBHD. Brownlee – aka MKBHD – tweeted about a new experimental content moderation feature that will “increase strictness” of potentially inappropriate comments.

The YouTube content moderation Feature to tackle the increasing spam messages

A spokesperson from YouTube, Mariana De Felice, said that YouTube began testing the enhanced feature in December 2021. She also noted that the company first rolled out the feature to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review in 2016. The content moderation feature allows users to “hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. If you choose to opt-in, comments identified by our algorithm will be held, and you have the final decision whether to approve, hide, or report these comments.”

The testing of the enhanced moderation feature seems like a clear sign that the concerns of content creators have reached the YouTube offices loud and clear. Now of course It will be necessary to see if it works or if spammers are able to bypass this new level of filtering, and spam continues to spread in the YouTube comments section. YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi said in a statement; “Over 950 million comments for violating our policies around spam, misleading and scams. The vast majority” of those removals were first detected by automated flagging systems.”

The YouTube Spammer Purge tool

The YouTube Spammer Purge tool, made by YouTuber ThioJoe, allows users to filter and search for spammer comments on YT’s channel in many ways and delete/report them all at once. As per GitHub description; “YouTube offers a functionality to ban a user, but it does NOT delete previous comments. Therefore, I created this script to allow you to instantly purge their spam replies. IT DOES NOT PREVENT SPAMMERS – It only makes it easier to delete them when they show up!”

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Source: Verge


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