The video-streaming platform YouTube has announced a new feature called “Go Live Together” for selected content creators. YouTube said in a blog post, “Eligible creators can invite a guest to live stream with them. Using a mobile phone to go live , your live stream feed will show up above your guest’s.” The hosts who wish to bring their friends aboard must have at least 50 subscribers and a verified channel, moreover, the guests must also have a channel with no strikes.

YouTube to Expand Go Live Together Feature Shortly

Initially, the ‘Go Live Together’ feature is available for the selected content creators, but YouTube plans to expand co-streaming to more creators in the future. The creators can schedule a live stream with only one guest from their computer and then go live from a mobile phone; however, they can even go live directly from their mobile phone. The new feature comes as TikTok and Twitch also launched their own co-streaming features.

According to YouTube, the selected content creators can switch up the guests they have on their live stream, but they can only invite one person on the live stream at once. Upon accepting the invite, the guest and host will be sent to a waiting room, and when both people are ready, the host can tap on the “Go Live” button. The host on the co-stream must also comply with all YouTube terms, including their community guidelines, copyright policy, and all other applicable policies.

Running Advertisement on the Livestream

The host can run advertisements on the live stream, and the revenue will solely go to them. The stream won’t appear on the guest channel, and they cannot earn revenue from it. However, YouTube has said that keeping guests’ visibility in mind, they will soon incorporate the feature on the guest’s channels as well.

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