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In the recent news, the smartphone tech giant, Xiaomi has been awarded the patent of a new fingerprint scanning technology, which enables the user to be able to use the fingerprint sensor on any part of the screen. In the new patent, Xiaomi displays how the all-screen fingerprint scanner operates.

The New All-Screen Fingerprint Scanning Technology Will Have Infrared LED Transmitters 

The new technology will have an array of infrared LED light transmitters underneath the capacitive touch-screen layer and above the normal AMOLED display. Furthermore, the array of infrared light receivers will be placed above the infrared LED light transmitters. All the infrared LED light transmitters and receivers are the core structure blocks for the all-screen fingerprint scanning technology.

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First, when the user wants to scan their fingerprint on screen, he touches the screen with his finger, the capacitive touch screen registers the touch, the position and shape of the fingertip, then the array of infrared LED light transmitters emits light out the screen at only the shape and position of the fingertip. Moreover, the surrounding LED light transmitters in the all-screen fingerprint scanning technology will not ignite in this case.

Next, the infrared light will be reflected after being in touch with the fingertip and contact the infrared light receivers. The data of the infrared light pace will then be utilized to map out the outline of the fingerprint, and then will compare to the saved fingerprint details to confirm if the user is the same as the one saved.

Huawei is Also Working on a Similar Feature to Xiaomi’s 

Back in August 2022, Huawei also submitted a patent of their own all-screen fingerprint scanning technology in six markets, including China, Europe, the US, Japan, Korea, and India. However, the technology has not been publicized yet, which may be caused by supply sanctions towards the firm.

Source: GizmoChina


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