pause voice messages

Facebook-owned, WhatsApp is reportedly working on allowing users to pause voice messages while they are recording, through a future update. The said WhatsApp update will enable users to pause and resume recording their voice message right from where they had paused.

The Ability to Pause Voice Messages will be Quite Helpful

This latest WhatsApp feature, of having the ability to pause voice messages would be quite helpful for users when they are recording a voice message as they no longer have to stop and delete a voice message in the middle of recording and record altogether a new one from scratch.

The Latest Development Will be First Rolled Out to Beta Users 

In addition to this, WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp features tracker, claimed that users may soon be capable to resume and pause voice messages while recording their voice messages. The company’s latest feature will be released for beta users on Android and iOS soon. The website further mentioned that since this feature is still under development, it may take some time to even enter the beta versions of the app.

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The above video, shared by the site, explains how the feature will expectedly work once it is released. While recording a voice message, WhatsApp users can access another record button that will allow users to resume and pause voice messages. However, there is no news about when the feature will start launching for beta and steady versions of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is Also Working to Fix Chat Backups

Furthermore, the Facebook-owned platform is also reportedly working on fixing a problem with chat backups. A Reddit user has described the steps required to solve the problem where chat backups from Google Drive were stuck at 100 percent while being restored.


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