On Tuesday, Meta-owned, WhatsApp launched a completely new app for Windows users. This time, instead of using the old Electron technology (which is web-based), the app has been completely rebuilt using native Windows technologies, which should result in better performance overall. The new WhatsApp native Windows app was previously available as a beta app, and now it is finally available for all users. The new native Windows app comes to replace the old WhatsApp Desktop with a new, native experience. Since it now runs natively, the native Windows app has become more reliable and faster.

The Native Windows App Will Allow Users to Send and Receive Texts Even When Offline

In addition, the native Windows app has some other advantages compared to its predecessor. For instance, users can now send and receive messages even when their phone is offline. The interface has also been redesigned to look cleaner and more consistent with the Windows interface. In the near future, WhatsApp’s macOS app should also get a similar update. Last month, WhatsApp released the first public beta of its new Mac app built on Catalyst technology – which lets developers easily bring iOS apps to macOS. 

Windows Users Can Download the New App from Microsoft Store

Instead of using web technologies, the new app is heavily based on WhatsApp for iOS using the system’s native APIs. As a result, the new macOS app also runs faster and uses fewer resources, which helps when it comes to saving battery power. The new WhatsApp beta app for macOS also works when the phone is offline, just like WhatsApp for Windows.

Windows users can now download the new native Windows app on the Microsoft Store. It requires a computer running Windows 10 or later. As for the new macOS version, users interested in getting it before the official release must sign up for the beta app on TestFlight.

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