WhatsApp Chat Bubbles Update rolls-out to iOS Devices for Beta Users

WhatsApp for iOS released version update for its beta users. The update includes redesigned WhatsApp Chat Bubbles, which are more rounded and feature a new green color.  According to WABetaInfo, the new beta is rolling out for public testers and it brings some interesting new changes for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat Bubbles

The publications shared the exact color and some more details related to the WhatsApp Chat bubbles;

  • Rounded bubbles: new chat bubbles look more rounded now.
  • Size: new chat bubbles are larger now.
  • Colors: you can see from the screenshot that colors are different, in particular for dark bubbles.
    1. Old light bubble colour: #E1F6CA
    2. New light bubble colour: #E2FDD5
    3. Old dark bubble colour: #295F60
    4. New dark bubble colour: #204F46

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also rolling out useful tools to manage disappearing messages. The app will now let you choose between different durations, such as; 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. You can also set a default message timer for new chats. If you enable “Default Message Timer” within WhatsApp Privacy Settings, all new chats will start with the disappearing messages option enabled for the selected duration.

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The global voice message player

After releasing different playback speeds for audio messages, WhatsApp is now working on a global voice message player that will allow listening to voice messages even when you leave chats because it’s pinned to the top of the other application. It’s always visible when you open any app and you can pause or dismiss the voice message at any time.

This feature will be beneficial for those users who receive long voice messages, it will enable them to listen to the messages while replying to other users or working on some different app. WABetaInfo said that this function is still under development, so it’s not available for the public or even for beta testers.


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