A fault in one of the international submarine cables systems, the TW 1, has been reported, that has affected the internet services across Pakistan.

The vulnerability of undersea cables disruption has once again manifested, causing widespread internet outages in Pakistan. The root cause lies in the damage inflicted upon submarine cables in the Red Sea, a critical network infrastructure that facilitates communication between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, including internet traffic.

Undersea Cables Disruption Causing Severe Impact on Telecommunications Networks

Telecom networks, particularly those in the Middle East, are wrestling with notable disruptions due to the severing of cables owned by four major telecom companies, as reported by Hong Kong-based HGC Global Communications. The damage has resulted in a consequential reduction in the flow of data, with an estimated 25% of traffic between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East affected. HGC is actively working on rerouting traffic to alleviate the impact on its customers while also extending support to affected businesses.

The recent damage to undersea cables in the Red Sea has not only disrupted internet connectivity in Pakistan but has also revealed the complex geopolitics surrounding these vital communication links. As repairs face delays, the need for international cooperation in securing and maintaining these undersea cables becomes increasingly evident.

Challenges in Repairs and Blame Game

Seacom, a South Africa-based company owning one of the impacted cable systems, projects a month-long delay in initiating repairs. Obtaining permits to operate in the affected area is cited as a major hurdle in the repair process, the situation becomes more complex as conflicting reports emerge about the cause of the cable damage.

Israeli news outlet Globes implicated Houthi rebels in the cable damage, aligning with prior warnings from the Yemeni government. However, Houthi leader Abdel Malek al-Houthi vehemently denied these allegations, shifting blame to British and US military units operating in the region; the blame game is now raising questions about the true origins of the undersea cable damage and the challenges in holding responsible parties accountable.

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