Twitter Rolls out the Most Anticipated Pinned DMs Feature Globally

Twitter has introduced a new feature – Pinned DMs – to everyone which was previously available to paid-only Twitter Blue subscribers. The company announced the feature in a tweet, stating; “Keep your fave DM convos easily accessible by pinning them! You can now pin up to six conversations that will stay at the top of your DM inbox.”

Pinned DMs feature focuses on users accessibility  

The Pinned DMs feature is an accessibility function for users, giving them more control over how they use their apps or interact with people on social media platforms. The pinned conversations will stay on top of the screen with icons of the person’s account. Twitter will showcase it on the DM list, with a quick preview of the last message sent to or from the people involved in the discussion.

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Pinning a conversation is a handy feature that  can help users avoid a thread getting lost in an endless stream of DMs, particularly for users that have more followers. Last year, Twitter made improvements to DMs by allowing users to bulk-send Tweets without creating groups. It also enabled better thread grouping and an arrow to easily jump to the latest message when scrolling through a thread.

How to pin a DM on Twitter

Follow these steps to pin a direct message:

  • Open the latest version of the Twitter app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the envelope icon. You’ll be directed to your messages.
  • Swipe to the side of a conversation in your inbox to reveal a pin.
  • Tap the pin.
  • The conversation will go to Pinned conversations section on the top of your inbox.

Source: Verge


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