It has been recently reported that the famous microblogging platform, Twitter is now adding stickers to its fleets feature. The fleets feature enables the user to share “fleeting” or “transitory thoughts” on the platform that cannot be viewed after 24 hours, similar to the stories option available on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

While creating a Fleet, a user is now able to add stickers by tapping the smiley face icon on the bottom row of the screen. After this, the user will be presented with a bunch of Twitter-made animated stickers and emojis. And if the user searches for something in the search bar at the top of the screen, Twitter will provide a list of GIFs sourced from Tenor and Facebook-owned Giphy.

Twitter Inc. announced the latest update on its Twitter Support page. This feature can be accessed by both Android and iOS users.

“Your Fleets just got an upgrade. Now you can express yourself in the conversation with stickers. Add GIFs and Twemojis to a Fleet by tapping the ? icon, on Android and iOS.”

This new feature of Twitter is quite the same as the option offered on Instagram or Snapchat. As Fleets were launched on Twitter only in November last year, stickers might be the first indication of launching more new additions.

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Meanwhile, the company is also beta-testing its audio feature, Spaces that rivals Clubhouse. Moreover, users will further be able to undo a tweet with the ‘undo tweet’ button but for this cause, the users will be required to pay for the company’s subscription feature. Adding to the list of new features, Twitter has also revealed that users will soon be able to upload and view 4K images.

Twitter has announced that the tests of Fleets carried in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea were promising. The outcomes of the tests revealed that Fleets helped people feel more comfortable participating in a conversation and the company also observed that people with Fleets interact more on the platform.


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