lineup of camera and editing tools

The popular short video clips platform, TikTok has announced a handful of updates to its lineup of camera and editing tools, which includes new features for its famous Green Screen effect tool, along with other updates to video enhancements and sound effects.

Amongst the latest updates to the lineup of camera and editing tools, one highlight is the update to the Green Screen effect, which the company notes are one of the most-used filters on the platform since its 2019 rollout. The tool enables users to place themselves in front of a different photo or video background, will now support GIFs also.

TikTok Adds New Features to the Lineup of Camera and Editing Tools

To make this feature work, TikTok has collaborated with GIPHY — notably, a Meta-owned firm. With the latest integration, TikTok users will be able to choose from a library of GIFs to use as their background, allowing for different kinds of videos. For instance, creators could record “reaction” videos with a GIF as the backdrop, or they could use the feature to showcase or reference a certain meme.

Along with the latest updates to its lineup of camera and editing tools, TikTok is expanding by including more professional creators. As the company begins to launch new features that better cater to that precise audience — such as the latest test of the desktop software for live streamers. Now, the platform states that it will launch an option to upload videos in 1080p HD quality. This feature will be obtainable in “select countries” and will be available as a toggle (“Upload HD”) on the Publishing page under “More Options,” if available in your market.

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The New Visual Enhancement Button Can Enhance Videos for Users Easily 

Another feature added to the lineup of camera and editing tools is a new Visual Enhancement button which will automatically enhance the video’s exposure and low-light conditions and conduct color correction. The concept is to offer users who aren’t majorly video experts an easy one-tap tool that can make their content appear better. To employ the tool, after you record or upload a video, you’ll tap a new “Enhance” button that appears on the right-side panel. 


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