In a recent interview, conducted by 24 NEWS Rafay Baloch highlighted the most frequently occurring online scams and frauds. 

Hacking Facebook and WhatsApp Accounts

First, he discussed the case, where hackers hack into accounts of Facebook and WhatsApp and compromise the identity of the user. Then they ask people closely associated with the person on social media to send them money saying that they are trapped in a country where they have only Facebook’s access, along with it they instruct people to send them money through Western Union or any other payment method.

Scam Calls from Fake Representatives  

The second most occurring hacking case is when people receive calls or text, stating they are a representative from certain organizations. Then they present the user mostly with two options, either they ask for verification or state that the user has won a prize and they would be requiring data to assign it for them. Majority of the time they ask for WhatsApp or Facebook verification code and try to hijack the user’s account. After this, they either ask for money or activate online banking to transfer funds from the victim.

Online Job Scams

Rafay further spoke about online job scams, this usually occurs when people apply for jobs on various websites in order to get employed. After, a certain time they receive a reply stating that they have been selected and for a further process they will be asked to conduct a medical exam or transfer the fees of visa processing to the accounts they have mentioned.

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He also informed that when they investigated this scam further, it was discovered that the hackers have dedicatedly installed fake labs to conduct medical exams, costing hefty amounts to the victims.

Making People Open new Bank Accounts

The last most common online fraud scheme he discussed is when hackers promote the attractive schemes of earning handsome amounts from the comfort of home. When people approach this idea, they are requested by the frauds to open a bank account by their name but the phone number and address are of the hackers.

The first couple of months the victims are provided with payments but after a certain time, this stops. The scammers use these accounts for the purpose of money laundering, or to transfer the stolen money they have acquired from someone. In case of FIA investigates this matter, the facts would show the victim being a third party in the crime and would be equally penalized.

Image Source: Good Times 


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