Snack Video has partnered with Edhi Foundation to provide an indoor opportunity for people to support the vulnerable in Ramadan 2021, raising donations by sharing videos online with hashtags.

Being the most well-known and active Pakistani NGO, Edhi Foundation is devoted to providing multidimensional services nationally and internationally. This cooperation helps people connect with their distanced love and better serve humanity under the pandemic situation.

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By sharing videos with the hashtag #EidwithEdhi on Snack Video, people can help donate Rs10 per video to children, particularly those struggling with cleft lip and palate, as well as families suffering from poverty, famine, or poor health. The total amount of videos eventually decides the total donations given by Edhi Foundation, so each and every effort really counts!

Also, everyone can get a chance to win rewards by sharing Ramadan moments at SnackVideo. People can get points to redeem gifts by uploading creative Ramadan content with the hashtag #EidReward, or simply viewing videos from the different category pages like #EidQuotes, #EidRecipe, #EidDrama, and #EidSaeed. The hashtag series encourages people to document their wonderful meals and pastimes at suhur and iftar to showcase their loving care and deep concerns to those in need.

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Based in Pakistan, the leading short-video platform SnackVideo showcases its strong commitment to investing in this dear land, and it looks forward to making greater contributions to Pakistan people and the local community especially during this pandemic Ramadan.

Image Source: The AZB 


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