Internet users across Pakistan are increasingly voicing their frustrations over slow internet speed in Pakistan. The widespread issue has prompted many to seek answers from their service providers.

Slow Internet Speed in Pakistan: The Recent Disruptions

The recent decline in internet speed in Pakistan can be attributed to two major incidents involving the country’s fiber-optic cables. These crucial cables, which connect Pakistan to the global internet network, were recently severed in two separate locations. Hence, the disruptions have caused a nationwide slowdown in internet connectivity, affecting both mobile and landline users.

The fiber-optic cables are part of the larger Submarine Cable System, including the SEA-ME-WE (SMW) Four and SMW Five routes, which connect through Dubai and Oman. When these cables are damaged, the data transfer rates plummet, causing severe slowdowns. The repair process for these underwater cables is complex and time-consuming, meaning that users may experience slow speeds for an extended period.

Impact on Daily Life

The impact of slow internet speed in Pakistan has been particularly harsh on those who rely on stable connections for their livelihoods, such as remote workers and freelancers. These individuals have experienced enough disruptions, making it difficult to meet deadlines and maintain productivity.

Telecom companies have acknowledged the issue and have been proactive in informing their customers about the ongoing connectivity problems. Notifications have been sent out, explaining that the reduced speeds are due to the submarine cable cuts. Meanwhile, repair teams are working diligently to restore full functionality to the affected cables.

In the interim, some service providers are exploring alternative routes to mitigate the impact. However, these measures can only partially alleviate the issues until the primary cables are fully operational again. As the repairs progress, users hope for a swift resolution to return to reliable and fast internet speeds.

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