Sindh to get its First Green Hydrogen Plant to Support Green Economy

An MoU has been signed between Oracle Power and Power China International to build the first-ever green hydrogen energy plant in Sindh, Pakistan. The MoU signing ceremony for the plant was held at the Energy Department in Karachi, which announced that the green hydrogen produced from this plant will be exported initially and the sponsors aim to secure buyers in China and the surrounding region.

Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh assured full support of the Sindh government to the sponsors. He said; “The government has led the way for the establishment of renewable energy and now has taken another step in moving to support frontier technology, sustainability and innovation.”

Green Hydrogen Plant will curb climate change

Green hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel generated from renewable energy sources which prevent a huge carbon footprint lingering in the environment hence contributing to climate change. The green hydrogen plant facility will produce approximately 150,000 kg per day of green hydrogen from a 400 MW capacity plant, using energy from wind and solar farms.

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The development came just a few days before an all-important COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, which will confirm a global commitment to hydrogen economies. Instead of this pact, more than 350 hydrogen projects are currently in development around the world to decarbonise economic sectors, that includes; heavy transportation and industries. With the right policy and investment, hydrogen could satisfy as much as 24 per cent of global energy demand by 2050.

Cost-effective project

Sindh province offers a potential of 50,000MW of wind and 10,000MW of solar power resource at commercial costs of as low as USC 3.5/kWh. The cost will be further lowered when these resources are used for producing hydrogen. Provincial minister Shaikh said; “This plan will put Sindh in the lead for the development of the global future fuel and places Pakistan amongst the ranks of forwarding thinking nations.”

Source: DAWN


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