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Samsung has gained wide popularity for its foldable tech that we’ve been seeing in the form of patents for the last many years. Recently, the company showcased its Flex foldable technology at the CES event. Samsung already has two established foldable phone lineups — Z Fold, Z Flip. Now the company has submitted a new patent showcases a dual folding phone with an S-Pen holder.

Samsung is Developing a Dual Folding Phone With an S-Pen Holder

Reportedly, a new patent for the Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold was filed back in July 2021. And, it has now been published showcasing the impressive design of the dual folding phone. It could be the company’s first Z-style foldable phone concept with this kind of S Pen stylus holder. LetsGoDgitial recently revealed the phone’s schematics. The foldable phone has two hinges and three parts of the screen. 

Here while folding, some portion of the back of the dual folding phone gets sandwiched between the screen. Moreover, the right-side of the foldable phone’s back seems to have two cut-outs. These cut-outs are for magnetically attaching the stylus. As shown in the images, the S Pen holder sits perfectly in between.

The New Phone Design Can Be a Great Deal for the Classic Note Series Lovers

Moreover, the S Pen won’t fall out even when the dual folding phone is unfolded since it is magnetically connected. The S Pen can be removed from the bottom, just like the Note series’ or the upcoming S22 Ultra’s S Pen. If this concept gets materialized, it would be a great deal for the classic Note series lovers. The unique way of keeping the S Pen, while getting a mammoth foldable panel in use, is a great way of using the new the design.

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