The Punjab government has finally decided to adopt Web3.0 to control data leakage and hacking.

The Punjab government has finally decided to adopt Web3.0 to control data leakage and hacking. In this regard, the Punjab government has constituted a 22-member committee with Punjab Finance Minister Mohsin Leghari as convener and Punjab Information Technology Minister Dr. Arslan Khalid as the co-convener.

Web3.0 Adoption Committee to Present a Future Roadmap

The committee formed for the adoption of Web3.0 has been tasked to analyze, study, and research the policy interventions to present a future roadmap and actions needed to be taken. The Information Minister tweeted the notification, saying; “Disrupting business as usual; Under web 3.0 we want to find avenues in ‘new economy, ‘tech R&D’ and create a pool of new talent that can be part of the Web 3 ecosystem.” He further added; “Pakistan’s future stands on two pillars: youth & digital, both that is a core manifesto of PTI and Imran Khan.”

The members of the committee will also explore other areas of Web 3.0, like Metaverse as well as Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), and suggest concrete actions for implementation. The committee will also be responsible for suggesting measures to create an enabling environment taking into account the legal, financial, and regulatory frameworks of Pakistan. Furthermore, it will also suggest the implementation of research and development regimes in the context.

The Newest Version of the Internet

Web3.0 is the newest version of the internet that makes extensive use of blockchain-based technologies. The third generation of the World Wide Web includes decentralization; trustlessness; artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning; and connectivity and ubiquity. It has the potential to give users much greater control over their data and improve user interaction. Facebook changing its name to Meta is an early sign of the world embracing the shift to newer and much better technology.

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