issuance of illegal SIMs

As per the reply submitted to the National Assembly (NA) standing committee on IT & Telecommunication by PTA, several measures have been taken by PTA to manage the issuance of illegal SIMs. PTA has been instructed to implement a five-finger detection system while verifying its consumers to curb the hazard of silicon thumb impressions. On the provision of data from NADRA, 58,000 SIMs belonging to deceased people have been blocked by PTA.

PTA and NADRA Are Devising a Foolproof Means to Curb the Issuance of Illegal SIMs

As per PTA, NADRA has been requested to use the index finger for identification instead of thumbprints. PTA, NADRA, and CMOs are also working on dual finger authentication systems to stop the issuance of illegal SIMs. According to PTA’s response to the NA committee, PTA and NADRA are employed in a consultation approach to work out a foolproof means to curb the issuance of illegal SIMs. During this procedure, the first conference was hosted at PTA headquarters in late December 2021, and the second meeting was held in NADRA headquarters in the first week of January.

Furthermore, representatives from PTA, NADRA, and CMOs hosted a thorough discussion on the issuance of illegal SIMs via identity theft. During the second meeting in NADRA headquarters, technological experts from CMOs, NADRA, and PTA participated in testing for two-finger authentication on various LFD devices for issuance of SIMs. In this meeting, it was decided that NADRA will design the AIPs for dual finger authentication and will share them for execution at the CMOs end.

SIM Sale SoPs Are Being Rigorously Enforced

According to PTA, two CMOs have been penalized for breach and 45 cases have been re-laid to FIA for investigation. SIM sale SoPs are being rigorously enforced with strategies and disciplinary action taken in case of violations by CMOs. PTA furthermore directed CMOs to establish live finger detection devices for the issuance of SIMs.

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