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In the recent news, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has imposed a hefty penalty of Rs. 30 million on Jazz for providing low-quality service in over half a dozen cities across Pakistan. PTA stated that the fine was imposed after Jazz failed to comply with the Quality of Services Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in seven cities.


PTA Imposes Hefty Fine on Jazz for Providing Low-Quality Service


In addition to charging a fine over low-quality service, Jazz was issued the warning to enhance the quality of services of licensed services to satisfy or surpass the target value of QoS parameters as per the license norms and QoS Regulations.


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In the point of failure to comply, a legal proceeding will be commenced against the licensee as per relevant law. It merits mentioning here that a committee headed by Chairman PTA Maj. Gen. Amir Azeem Bajwa (R) finalized the verdict over the low-quality service of Jazz. Furthermore, PTA performed a QoS survey during December 2020, in which Jazz was found short of minimum standards set for the quality of service.


Jazz is Required to Meet Quality of Service Standards at All Times


PTA informed the operator about the low-quality service and instructed to fix its problems within a month. Jazz, however, failed the instructions and couldn’t improve its network in at least seven cities. As per License condition, Jazz is mandated all the time to fulfill or exceed the Quality of Service standards described in Appendix-Ill of the license and QoS Regulations.


In case of failure, Telco could be cautioned, fined, or get its license terminated as well. Moreover, Jazz has recently been in hot waters after its system remained offline for weeks, during which clients couldn’t change packages, pay bills, and also get new SIMs issued. 


Source: Pro Pakistani 


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