The Pasoori-sensation has not been hidden anymore; it began from a studio room in Karachi and seeped worldwide. The local and international content creators are seen making TikToks on the hit number – Pasoori –  whose beats are enough to make people groove. Recently, the coke studio’s gem has become the most-watched Pakistani video on YouTube, with over 450 million views. It is, indeed, one of the most trending videos of 2022 that deserve every mention.

What is Pasoori?

“Pasoori,” a Punjabi word that translates roughly to “a difficult mess,” is about an age-old situation where two people are forbidden from meeting each other. In early 2021, Sethi sent a voice note with the melody and the first few lines of the lyrics to the producer Zulfiqar Khan, who goes by Xulfi; he said, “I had goosebumps. I wanted to dance…I knew that people were going to love it, and that they wouldn’t know what hit them.”

The singer, Ali Sethi, said it took the cast and crew a whole year to bring the masterpiece to its final shape. He wrote in an Instagram post, “It took us a whole year to make this song… to blend the Turkic, Indic, Arab, Persian, and yes, the global placeless, ubiquitous ‘beats’ vibe that is also our inheritance… But I think we created a hybrid new genre in the process. Abdullah Siddiqui, I want to call it Ragaton.”

Arjit Singh’s take on Ali Sethi’s Song

The most celebrated artist of India, Arjit Singh, sang Pasoori at a live concert in Mumbai with head-over-heel fans chanting the lyrics out loud. The video went viral on social media and received immense love and support from people on both sides of the border. A user wrote, “I’m tearing up because this is exactly the kind of cross-border love, respect and adoration that I love to see.”

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