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Japanese tech giant Panasonic has confirmed that hackers accessed the personal information of job candidates and interns during a November Panasonic cyberattack. At the time of the announcement of the data breach, which the firm first confirmed on November 26, the corporation was unable to say whether hackers had accessed any confidential information.

The Panasonic Cyberattack Compromised Personal Information of Job Candidates

However, in an update broadcasted on January 7, Panasonic stated that some personal information of job candidates, who applied for employment or partook in apprenticeships at particular departments of the firm was accessed during the Panasonic cyberattack. Panasonic said it was notifying those impacted. When reached, Panasonic spokesperson Dannea DeLisser refused to say how many people were affected and the nature of the personal information of job candidates accessed.

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Panasonic’s update further confirmed that the data breach — which began June 22 and ended on November 3, before being caught on November 11 — saw the as-yet-unnamed hackers obtain files comprising unidentified “business-related information” supplied by business partners, as well as personal information of job candidates.

Panasonic is Now Strengthening its Security Measures 

The conclusions of the company’s internal research, which was carried out with the help of an external security consultant, established that a third party illegally accessed a file server in Japan through the server of an overseas subsidiary. Panasonic states that after catching the unauthorized access, it “immediately implemented additional security countermeasures,” including strengthening access controls from overseas locations, resetting relevant passwords, and strengthening server access monitoring.

Panasonic stated it was boosting its security measures to prevent a repeat of the Panasonic cyberattack. The November data breach that hit Panasonic came just months after the firm’s Indian subsidiary fell prey to a ransomware attack that saw hackers leak 4 gigabytes of data, including financial data and email addresses.

Source: TechCrunch


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