Pakistan Railway to work for an Artificial Intelligence-based Project that will help customers to plan and book their trips easily.

Pakistan Railway signed an agreement with a Chinese firm, Norinco (China North Industries Group Corporation), for the implementation of an artificial intelligence-based project. The agreement is placed under the RABTA (Railway Automated Booking and Travel Assistance) initiative introduced by the ministry of railways to enhance the efficiency of Pakistan Railways by introducing technology. The partnership agreement was signed by Azam Ghafoor, the Director of Information Technology, Pakistan Railways, and Zhidan Wu from China’s Norinco/Easyway.

Pakistan railway’s artificial intelligence-based project to enhance customer facilitation 

The artificial intelligence-based project is the largest IT-based project under the public-private partnership model in Pakistan. RABTA platform will let customers plan and book door-to-door journeys using a single interface rather than having to locate, book, and pay for each mode of transportation separately. Customers can check train status, choose seats, purchase tickets, order car rental, meals and refreshments, book hotels. The Pakistan railway customers can also book tickets through multiple platforms including mobile applications, websites, ticket agents, e-banking, reservation offices, vending machines, and handheld devices.

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Mr Zhidan Wu, M/s Easyway hailed Pakistan Railway for this much anticipated artificial intelligence-based project. He said that it will make ticket purchases more convenient and user friendly. Customers can enjoy a smooth and hustle free end to end journey experience by using the single platform of RABTA. Chairman of the Ministry of Railways Habibur Rehman Gilani said the Chinese company would implement the project while the Railways would spend nothing. Instead, Pakistan Railways will get a fair share in the ticket price, freight and value-added services.

Karachi Circular Railway

The KCR ceased operations in 1999 due to the lack of investment. Recently, KCR Project is brought back to life and it is expected to finish in mid-2023. PM Imran Khan said that KCR will help the city to cope with its growing population and transport issues. When fully operational, trains will run from Karachi City to Dhajebi in the suburbs, and from Karachi City station on a near-circular railway that will connect with the mainline to Hyderabad.

Source: DAWN


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