The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) confirmed that the Pakistan Navy successfully identified and monitored Indian Navy ships engaged in covert surveillance during Exercise Seaspark 2024. The presence of Indian spy ships, submarines, and aircraft attempting to observe the strategic war exercises raised some serious concerns over the security of Pakistan’s maritime operations and war plans.

Indian Spy Ships Intrusion

The ISPR disclosed that the Pakistan Navy responded promptly to the detected intrusion, implementing necessary safeguards to protect its operational activities and strategic interests. The incident speaks volume regarding the heightened tensions and the constant vigilance required to safeguard maritime borders, especially during large-scale naval exercises.

Exercise Seaspark 2024, conducted biennially, serves as a critical platform for the Pakistan Navy to assess operational readiness and coordination among different units. Following a two-force concept, the exercise aims to simulate wartime scenarios, major mobilizations, and complex operations. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Naveed Ashraf’s comprehensive visit to various naval posts stress the significance of these maneuvers in enhancing the Navy’s capabilities.

Pakistan Navy’s Preparedness

Admiral Ashraf’s interaction with troops at forward posts and his inspection of naval ships operating at sea emphasized the importance of perpetual readiness and professional excellence. The visit also included briefings on combat readiness for the defence of challenging marshy areas, reinforcing the commitment to safeguarding the nation’s maritime borders.

In reaffirming the navy’s commitment to ensuring the impregnable maritime defence of the country, Admiral Ashraf expressed satisfaction with the professional excellence and perpetual readiness of the Pakistan Navy.

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