UAEs cloud-seeding tech

On Saturday, Pakistan’s climate change advisor, Malik Amin Aslam announced that Pakistan is thinking of using UAE’s cloud-seeding tech of artificial rain to address the problem of smog next year. Residents of Lahore recently urged the officials to take suitable measures after their city was named one of the most contaminated places in the world where people were surrounded by smog.

The majority of Smog Present in Lahore was Produced by Transportation Division

Furthermore, PM’s advisor stated during an interview that the present government had taken numerous measures to deal with the smog issue, however, those measures were “still not enough.” He said that the officials had determined that 40 percent of smog in Lahore and other areas in the province of Punjab was induced by the transportation division, continuing that there was a policy to move toward better fuel and electric vehicles.

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Moreover, when Malik Amin Aslam was asked about crop burning, he cited recent international data that reported that 90 percent of it was occurring in India. While he supported a “regional dialogue” to deal with the problem arising from across the border, he admitted that the country required short-term solutions as well. 

UAE’s Cloud-Seeding Tech will be Used to Produce Artificial Rain 

“I had a conversation with Dubai’s climate change minister,” he said. “They use cloud seeding to make rain. This can be one solution which we are studying at the moment. We may need to rely on UAE’s cloud-seeding tech to make artificial rain two- or three-times next year.” The UAE became one of the first countries in the Gulf region to use cloud-seeding technology of artificial rain in recent decades to address water shortages.

The scientific experiments on UAE’s cloud-seeding tech succeeded in producing rainstorms in its desert areas. Recently, its National Centre of Meteorology stated that UAE’s cloud-seeding tech of artificial rain could even curb global warming and lessen its impact. Aslam appreciated the UAE government for “efficiently employing” the cloud-seeding tech to their advantage.

Source: Mashable 


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