The past few days have been a blessing in disguise for Imran Khan’s political career. On one side, he was ousted from the government, while on the other hand, his popularity skyrocketed to another level. Two days back, Imran Khan posted a request on his social media account asking overseas Pakistanis to send donations to the party’s electronic fund ( As always, the ex-pats responded by sending millions of rupees in donations, taking the tally to one billion rupees in the last 24 hours.

Overseas Pakistanis responded to Khan’s call by sending over 1 billion rupees to the party’s electronic fund

Imran khan has released a video asking Overseas Pakistanis to send money for the “Haqiqi-Azadi” campaign to topple the ‘corrupt government of the Shareef family’ who had been in jail for three years and who are fighting corruption charges. To everyone’s surprise, the overseas Pakistanis responded by donating over 1 billion rupees to the party’s electronic fund.

It was a never-seen-before phenomenon where people were seen waiting in lines just to donate money on Khan’s call, so much so that the website collapsed multiple times due to excessive traffic. People were sending messages of support for Imran Khan and Pakistanis pledging to throw the corrupt government out of the assemblies.

How to donate?

  • Visit official website
  • Click on the “click here to donate” button
  • After clicking, you will be taken to the second page to fill out a form
  • Fill out the given form with your detail and click on submit.
  • After that, chose a payment method. Either “PayPal” or “Credit Card”
  • Enter Your bank detail and click next
  • Upon accepting, you will be provided with a receipt of your donation along with a “Thank You” message

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