OpenAI has enlisted the expertise of former Twitter India head Rishi Jaitly as a senior advisor to spearhead discussions with the Indian government on AI policy. The international media has learned that Jaitly plays a crucial role in helping OpenAI navigate the complications of India’s regulatory policies. Simultaneously, the organization is contemplating establishing a local team in India, paving the way for its global expansion.

OpenAI Collaborates With Former Twitter India Head Rishi Jaitly

Sources indicate that Rishi Jaitly, though potentially not formally employed by OpenAI, has been instrumental in guiding the company in establishing connections within India. His extensive experience, including heading the public-private partnership for Google in India and serving as Twitter’s first employee in the country, positions him as a valuable asset in OpenAI’s foray into the Indian market.

Following recent leadership changes at OpenAI, co-founder and CEO Sam Altman’s return, coupled with a revamped board, underscores the organization’s commitment to strategic collaborations. Despite not having a formal presence in India, OpenAI’s interest in the country aligns with its global growth strategy.

Government’s Stance on AI Regulation

While India’s AI development is described as nascent, with some startups making strides, critics point to a funding gap compared to global counterparts. OpenAI, having raised over $11 billion, sees India’s burgeoning market as an opportunity for growth. However, the company faces the challenge of navigating regulatory landscapes and understanding the direction of India’s AI policies.

Indian government officials have expressed a commitment to AI development, emphasizing international collaboration to formulate regulatory frameworks. Unlike OpenAI, Microsoft, its major investor and strategic partner, has a robust presence in India, with a keen focus on research and development, data centers, and startup investments.

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