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In the recent news, the National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) of Pakistan has warned the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that government job advertisement-related emails are being sent to the unrestricted public by hackers with the purpose to acquire confidential information and a potential cyber attack on government institutions.


The Malicious Emails Are Embedded with Stealing Malware to Obtain Confidential Data 


In this regard, the tax regulator authority of Pakistan, FBR received a warning of a potential cyber attack from the NTISB on Friday. According to the communication of the NTISB to the government bureaus, these emails comprise biodata form as attachments with embedded data-stealing malware.


On downloading the malicious email attachment, an individual’s computer/ device is compromised and the hacker gains access to all the stored data/ files. Citizens are urged to withhold from downloading attachments or clicking links sent via such enticing emails in order to protect their personal information. A malicious email with the subject “Govt Jobs/ Recruitment” includes a malicious Word document as an attachment which is being spread by Hackers. 


To Protect from the Possible Cyber Attack a Cyber Alert Has Been Issued 


It is a spear-phishing attack conducted by Confucius APT Group to collect data at a large scale through a Biodata form. Therefore, a Cyber Alert/advisory has been issued. All federal and provincial departments/ ministries are asked to take appropriate steps while promoting jobs on their portals, it added.


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