NITB has successfully implemented Electronic Filing System (E-Office system) in 12 out of 40 Ministries of the Federal Government

NITB has successfully implemented Electronic Filing System (E-Office) in 12 out of 40 ministries of the federal government. While the remaining ministries have accomplished 75 percent of work to achieve level 3 out of level 4. Level 4 indicates 100 percent completion where all files are dealt electronically.

E-office system is a major step towards a paperless environment

As per the official announcement; “NITB has successfully achieved a major milestone in implementing the Electronic Filing System (E-Office) in all 40 ministries/divisions of the federal government.” It added; “National Information Technology Board (NITB) specializes in key automation, design, development, and implementation of robust IT technologies to promote the e-governance culture in the federal government.”

The implementation of the e-office is a major step toward a paperless environment and it has also saved Rs70 million from the national exchequer since its recent use. “This major task was given to the acting Executive Director, NITB, Syed Hussnain Abbas Kazmi, who has not only deployed new solutions within the given time but also organized multiple full-day capacity-building training programs for the E-Office users of all federal ministries/divisions,” the statement reads.

E-office rollout in Sindh and Balochistan

After the successful implementation of the e-office in the federation, the provincial governments of Sindh and Balochistan have also asked for the same solution from NITB for their provincial cabinets. In the second phase, NITB will begin implementation of E-Office in multiple departments of federal ministries and it also aims to complete its rollout in Sindh and Balochistan by August 2022 to promote a paperless environment. E-office is a digital workplace solution designed to minimize the workflow for inter and intra-government processes and help them go paperless since a good amount of paper is made by cutting trees, which is a harmful indicator of the recent climate shifts.

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