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In a move that’s becoming all too familiar for Netflix subscribers, the streaming giant has once again implemented a Netflix price hike. With the announcement coming in its third-quarter earnings report, the company has adjusted its pricing structure in the United States, leading to concerns about the affordability of quality streaming services.

Impact of the Netflix Price Hike

Netflix’s premium ad-free plan in the United States will see an increase of $3 per month, reaching $22.99. Meanwhile, the one-stream basic plan will now cost $11.99. Though the entry-level ad-supported tier at $6.99 per month remains unchanged, these price hikes are bound to raise eyebrows among subscribers who are increasingly mindful of their streaming expenses. The price increases are not confined to the United States; similar adjustments have been introduced for some subscription tiers in the United Kingdom and France, indicating a broader trend within the company.

A Balancing Act for Netflix

Despite the Netflix price hike, the company continues to report impressive financial and subscriber growth. In the third quarter, Netflix recorded a 9% year-over-year increase in average paid memberships, adding 8.8 million subscribers. These gains can be partially attributed to Netflix’s efforts to clamp down on password-sharing, which has led to more individuals converting from borrowed passwords to full-paying subscribers. Additionally, the adoption of advertising tier plans has seen substantial growth, increasing by almost 70% compared to the previous quarter. However, the challenging area of streaming, characterized by increasing production costs, slower demand since the pandemic, and ongoing disputes within the industry, necessitates Netflix’s pursuit of revenue growth.

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