National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has rolled out Pakistan’s first-ever data protection service – Ijazat Aap Ki – which makes the citizens in charge of their personal data. “Your data is your personal property, and just like your physical property, citizens from now onwards are empowered to control access and protect data against misuse or unwarranted use,” said the chairman of NADRA, Tariq Malik.

Ijazat Aap Ki to Safeguard Citizens’ Sensitive Information

The cutting-edge ‘Ijazat Aap Ki’ service will ensure that citizens’ data is always well-protected and secure; the service will allow Pakistani citizens to provide their consent before their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is verified. “We are moving from a world where data is used against people to a digital realm to empower the citizens and give ownership rights of their own data. Citizen’s data is not for sale, it is a valuable asset, and Nadra protects it passionately. Informed consent will be required from citizens to use personal data as a product or service provider from now on,” said Tariq Malik.

As per details, all verification transactions in Pakistan will now require a 6-digit passcode to seek citizens’ consent before proceeding with data sharing. The passcode will be sent to the mobile number registered against the citizen’s CNIC and they will have to provide their consent to proceed. The chairman of NADRA has urged the citizens to remain vigilant in protecting their personal information and asked them to take all necessary precautions to prevent identity theft and fraud.

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