Hammad Azhar Account hackee

Former Federal Minister and PTI leader Hammad Azhar on Friday took to social media platform twitter and claimed that his Twitter, email and Apple accounts have been ‘hacked’.

“I am tweeting from a computer where my twitter account was already logged in. Last night my twitter account, email accounts, Apple account was hacked by someone who was able to see the verification codes being sent to my phone when he was resetting everything. 1/3” read his tweet.

Hammad Azhar further stated that he was successful in recovering his email account and apple id, however upon recovering his email account he found the display picture of an unknown intruder.

“I have recovered my email accounts & reset my Apple ID account. When I recovered my email account I found that the DP on one of my email accounts has been changed (attached below) with the name Muhammad Sheryar. And my twitter was attached to an email account (image below) 2/3” He further added in another tweet.

He further requested Twitter support to immediately restore his hacked account.

“I would request @TwitterSupport @Twitter@verified to immediately restore my account. The guy has changed password and email associated with the account Thank you.” He added.

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