Meta announces a series of Reel updates across Facebook and Instagram, such as: Video-clipping, audio sync, cross posting and much more.

Meta announces a series of Reels updates across Facebook and Instagram. Following in TikTok steps, the company is rolling out several creative tools, audio tools, templates, and other options in order to make Reels more engaging.

The series of Reels updates introduced by Meta

Meta is bringing the existing Instagram stories features to Reels such as Poll, Quiz, and Emoji slider stickers. Other series of Reels updates include the Sound Sync feature and support for longer Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds. Another new Instagram Reels feature allows the user to import their audio from the camera roll to add commentary or a background sound from any video

Like, Meta is also adding features to Facebook Reels by adding editing tools for desktops and a video clipping feature so that the creators can turn longer-form videos into Reels. Moreover, Facebook Reel users will be able to add voiceovers to their videos. The series of Reel updates also include something for gaming video creators who will gain access to tools that will let them generate short-form, vertical Reels directly from their Live content. Lastly, Meta has added another feature to create, edit and schedule  Facebook Reels from the desktop.

Suggested Reels in the feed

We have seen Instagram reels slowly taking over the feed as most of the suggested Reels can be seen on the home page. Likewise, Facebook will be pushing the suggested Reels into users’ feeds this will help the creators to broaden their user base. Additionally, Meta allows cross-posting of reels from Instagram to Facebook. According to Meta, some new features will be available from today including audio tools for Facebook Reels like Voiceover, Sound Sync, Quiz, Poll, and Emoji slider stickers, Templates, and importing your own audio for Instagram Reels.

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