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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, currently has no intention to monetize content in Pakistan. As confirmed by Fahad Qadir, the Policy Communications Lead of Emerging Markets & South Asia, APAC on Thursday. Earlier this year, a Meta business team visited Pakistan, in which one of the points discussed was Pakistan has over 60 million users, and Meta should take the initiatives to help these consumers and monetize content in the country.


Meta Halted its Project Plans to Monetize Content in Pakistan


According to Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication sources, the delegation stated that Meta is investigating the situation and may launch a trial project to monetize content in Pakistan. However, the corporation has categorically denied any plans to monetize content in Pakistan in the near future. On Thursday, the business hosted a media briefing session for Pakistani journalists to discuss its attitude to privacy. 


Arianne Jimenez, Asia Pacific Privacy Policy Manager at Meta, briefed journalists on the social media company’s practices to protect user privacy and information security on its platforms. According to a Meta spokesman, preserving people’s information is critical to Meta’s objective of becoming a privacy-focused communications platform. 


She stated that privacy is essential to how Meta operates and that it is everyone’s duty at the social media firm. “Meta is dedicated to giving consumers more control over their privacy preferences. As a result, it has created tools to provide consumers with greater transparency and control over how their data is used,” she stated.


Meta Customers Can Take Control of Privacy Via New Tools


Meta provides its customers with a variety of tools and features to enable them to take control of their privacy. These capabilities make privacy, security, and ad control settings more available to users, allowing them to manage who can see what they post and how people discover them on Facebook.


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