In a recent incident in Lahore, Pakistan, a woman found herself at the center of a controversy when she was mobbed and accused of blasphemy for wearing a kurta adorned with Arabic prints. The Arabic-print dress incident, which unfolded at a local restaurant, drew attention not only to the sensitivities surrounding religious symbols but also sparked a global response. The woman, who was eventually rescued by the police, faced scrutiny and backlash from those who perceived the Arabic prints on her kurta as Quranic verses.

Arabic-print Dress Incident: Addressing the Controversy

Amidst the controversy, the Kuwait-based designer company, Semplicita, whose Arabic word clothing was at the center of the incident, took to social media to address the situation. In an Instagram story, the company posted a plea directed at Pakistani people, emphasizing that they had no connection to the unfortunate incident involving the innocent woman.

“Dear Pakistani people, We have nothing to do with the recent incident that happened to the innocent girl. We are based in Kuwait and we do not ship worldwide. Please stop following and messaging since it is really disturbing. We use Arabic words and letters in different fonts everywhere since it’s our language,” the company stated.

Aftermath of the Incident

The incident itself, captured in a video shared by the police, showed the woman covering her face as she faced a hostile crowd. The police, including a commendable woman officer, intervened to rescue her from the situation. In the video, Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi is seen urging the crowd to refrain from violence and explaining the misunderstanding surrounding the Arabic prints on the kurta.

Naqvi highlighted that the woman had worn the kurta with Arabic words during a shopping outing with her husband, inadvertently sparking confusion and concern among onlookers. The woman, later taken to the police station, apologized for any unintentional offense caused and clarified that she had chosen the kurta for its design without intending to disrespect religious sentiments.

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