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Recently, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) approved all 25 tariff proposals submitted by the Pakistani telecom operator, Jazz. The telecom company has now increased its services tariff with an average price increase of 14 percent, keeping in view the increasing operational costs of the company influenced by the rupee devaluation and inflation during June 2022.

Other Telecom Operators Have Also Increased Their Tariffs

“Other operators have also increased their tariffs, such as Ufone increased tariffs of its 42 packages by an average of 16.4 percent in June 2022,” the PTA said in a statement on Tuesday. PTA controls services tariff for the dominant mobile operator in Pakistan — PMCL (Jazz) — in line with Significant Market Player (SMP) determination and Jazz-Warid merger condition with the aim to avert any anti-competitive practices by the market leader.

Jazz Will Effectively Increase the Services Tariff from 12th August Onwards

Furthermore, to inform its customers, Jazz circulated a message amongst its customers about the latest hike in services tariff, stating, “Dear Customer, due to inflation and currency devaluation, your package tariff will be revised from 12-Aug-22. For details, please click.”

Moreover, the rest of the cellular Pakistani mobile operators are free to set their services tariff as per their commercial considerations, and PTA does not intervene in their services tariff changes. Telecom customers in Pakistan have been enjoying one of the most affordable telecom services in the world due to the competitive telecom market and progressive policies and regulations.

In addition to this, the official website of Jazz also went down temporarily. The company’s website kept displaying an error message which read; “There was a database connection error or a problem with a query. Log in as a super admin or enable debugging for more information.”

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