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Facebook-owned, Instagram recently rolled out a new IG Live Scheduling tool to help users promote, organize and prepare for their upcoming Lives. Instagram Live video creators can now schedule their Lives with a Feed post up to 90 days in advance. Viewers will be able to sign up for reminders to tune into Live.

Furthermore, the capacity to schedule Instagram Live videos places Instagram on a more equal footing with other live platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok, as well as an Instagram parent, Facebook.

The Latest Instagram Features Will be Available to Users Globally

The photo-sharing app says its new Live Scheduling tool will be available to Live video creators globally. After scheduling their upcoming Live video, the users will then be able to share that scheduled content directly to their followers through both their Stories and Feed posts. Followers can then use tools to set a reminder so they won’t miss the Live videos from their favorite Live video creators.

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How to Schedule an IG Live Using the Live Scheduling Tool? 

  • Open the Instagram app and swipe left to switch to the Camera mode 
  • Swipe right at the bottom to switch between Story, Reels, and Live 
  • On the center-left of your screen, click on the Calendar icon 
  • Enter the title of your IG Live 
  • Click the Start Time button which opens up a date and time option
  • Choose a time between 3 months from today or one hour from now

Instagram is Also Revamping its Video Strategy 

In addition to the launch of Live scheduling tool, Instagram is also revamping its video strategy in recent days. This month, the company announced that it was giving up on the “IGTV” brand, and instead would join that long-form video with Feed video. As part of this work, it rebranded the IGTV app, which will now be the home for all Instagram videos, including Lives, except for Reels. Reels, however, continues to have a prime position in the main Instagram app, where it’s accessible from the center button, users’ profiles, Explore, and hashtag pages. 

Live Scheduling tool is now available to global users. Moreover, the Practice Mode will start its launch “soon,” the company says.

Source: TechCrunch


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