PTI Chairman Imran Khan will hold a Twiiter Space session today at 10 pm. People are asked to post their questions for the former PM.

Since the fall of Imran Khan’s government, the former prime minister has launched a nationwide campaign against the incumbent government. The campaign’s motive is to abolish the existing government and in order to make it happen Imran Khan is pulling a massive power show by visiting multiple cities and speaking to gigantic processions. In continuation of his mass movement drive, Imran Khan will be appearing on a Twitter Space Session for the first time.

Twitter Space Session: Imran Khan to speak to the public

The Pakistani born Wall Street investment banker, Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, had suggested that PTI Chairman Imran Khan should conduct a Twitter Space Session for the public. He said that it will be the biggest Space in the history of Twitter and will be attended by millions from around the world. His request was answered in a few days as he expressed his joy in a tweet saying; “Ladies & Gentlemen, Imran Khan has agreed to do a Twitter Space. That’s it. That’s the Tweet.”

The official PTI account also confirmed the development, it said; “PTI Social Media Team is proud to host Chairman Imran Khan on a Twitter Space Session tomorrow at 10 pm. It will be hosted by Dr Arslan Khalid (@arslankhalid_m) & Jibran Ilyas (@agentjay2009) ” They also asked people to post their queries using hashtags so their questions will be answered by the former PM.

Timings of the session

The PTI leader Imran Ghazali has confirmed that the former Prime Minister Imran Khan will go live today (20th April) for a Twitter Space session at 10 pm. The timings of other countries are as follows:

  • Canada and USA: 1 PM
  • Saudia Arabia: 8 PM
  • The UK: 6 PM
  • UAE: 9 PM

The followers of Imran Khan are beyond excited for his first Twitter Space Session. They are expecting to break all records by collecting a maximum number of listeners from around the world. Meanwhile, questions for the live session are already pilling up with questions asked by singer Annie Khalid followed by actor/model Nadia Hussain and others.

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