self driving bicycle

An engineer from Huawei has developed an independent self-driving bicycle model. The prototype electric bicycle is relatively impressive, with it being able of maintain its equilibrium even on the thinnest of surfaces. Zhihui Jun, the engineer in the discussion, professes to have come up with the idea after falling off a bicycle and hoping it could stand up by itself.

Besides, the self-driving bike comes with a series of outstanding features like the high accuracy sensors on its body, paired with image recognition cameras, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as well, which allows it to run without the need for human interaction.

The engineer designed the self-driving bicycle with a control module that works similarly to the systems used in artificial satellites to maintain its balance. In other words, it is provided with small but high precision sensors that can perceive even the feeblest of tilts and instantly sends data to the control module so that it can make alterations that assure that it can stand on its own.

He first began modeling the bicycle on CAD, and then added two large brushless motors and steering gear on the physical model. After this, Zhihui Jun furnished the bike with an RGBD depth camera, an accelerometer, gyroscope, and even a LiDAR sensor. The bike is powered by a lithium-based battery that can last for up to 2 to 3 hours, while the main control module is covered right below the seat.

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The engineers have assessed the vehicle in a virtual physical environment before performing the final analysis in real life. Due to its adequate algorithms and design, the bike passed the autopilot driving test, demonstrating it to be; independent, stable, and in perfect balance.

Huawei’s self-driving bike is still under operation which suggests that it hasn’t reached its conclusive shape yet. However, Zhihui Jun said that this is only a very fundamental autonomous driving structure, and there are still many areas to be improved.


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