HBL Mobile app is reportedly down since Friday and people are unable to carry out their transactions, the company hasn't responded yet.

The HBL customers from around the country are reporting problems with the services of the HBL mobile app. The app is reportedly down since Friday and people are unable to carry out their transactions. This is not the first time that HBL customers are facing this issue in fact it has happened numerous times in the past and still the bank hasn’t improved its services.

HBL Mobile App Has Been Down For Many Days

HBL customers are posting their concerns on social media platforms as they are not getting any proper response from HBL’s team. A customer wrote on Twitter; “Almost an everyday thing now that my HBL app doesn’t let me log in or doesn’t work and says “rest assured our services will be available soon.” When is this soon happening???? It’s been months @HBLPak” Another user wrote; “HBL App is not working since Friday. On   contacting through helpline they assured to resolve the issue within 24 hours but still, it is not responding.”


When HBL customers log in their applications they are greeted with a message saying that the services will resume soon. The message reads; “We are unable to process your request. Rest assured our services will be available soon.”

Response from HBL Team

People are continuously complaining in huge numbers but there is no response from the HBL team. We also tried to contact the HBL support team via email but they haven’t responded yet. However, they are sending a pre-saved message to all users who are posting their concerns. The message reads; “Hi, some of our clients may be experiencing difficulty logging into the HBL Mobile App & Internet Banking. We regret the inconvenience caused and assure you that we are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you may use the alternate channels for banking services -SS”

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