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In the latest news, Google Play Store is now adding a new ‘Offers’ tab to help users discover deals on games and apps, as announced by the company on Thursday. Google states that the Offers tab will surface deals across travel, shopping, media, fitness, and entertainment apps. The new Offers tab is launching over the coming weeks to users in the United States, India, and Indonesia. Google intends to roll out the new tab in more countries later this year. 


Google’s New Offers Tab Will Show Deals on Games and Apps


Moreover, the Offers tab includes an “offers for apps you might like” section to help users discover deals on games and apps that are relevant to them. Google states that there are several types of deals that users will be able to locate. The tab will surface sales on games and in-game items, such as limited-time deals on magic orbs and tokens. It will further show rewards and bundled requests where apps are proposing things like free delivery, free rides, and more rewards. 


Other sorts of offers that will be featured comprise sales on films and books that are open to rent or buy. Lastly, Google outlined that the Offers tab will nudge users to try something new by displaying apps that are offering 30 days free and other extended trials at no charge. 


Google Play is a One-Stop Shop for Discovering and Enjoying Apps


“Since 2012, Google Play has been a one-stop shop for discovering and enjoying your favorite apps, games, and digital content. This week we’re launching ‘Offers’ — a new tab in the Google Play Store app,” wrote David Winer, a product manager at Google Play, in a blog post about the announcement. The new tab is located in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Google Play app, which makes it an easy place to quickly check for deals when you’re searching through the marketplace. Google states it’s collaborating with developers of top apps and games and plans to add new deals on games and apps to the tab regularly.


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