The Google maps area Busyness feature will instantly spot when a neighbourhood or part of town is near or at its busiest.

Google announced a new Area Busyness feature that gives information about the crowdedness of public transit and the popularity of specific stores and locations throughout the week. Google hopes that the Area Busyness feature will let users avoid crowds or hunt them down if they’re in the mood for a party atmosphere. Google said Area Busyness would be rolling out globally on Android and iOS just in time for this holiday season.

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The area busyness feature will reduce the stress

As per.Google’s blog. Post; “The area busyness feature helps you instantly spot when a neighbourhood or part of town is near or at its busiest. Say you’re not a fan of crowds — just open Google Maps to see places to avoid, like the area near a holiday fair. And if you’re travelling and want to check out some of the more popular areas in town, you can easily pinpoint which neighbourhoods are lively.” Google has also claimed that the area busyness feature will potentially save hours of people’s lives and help avoid stress.

Google Maps has also launched an updated ‘Directories’ tab that will help you find your way around large buildings, such as; airports, malls and transit stations worldwide. It will enable you to see what types of stores are in a building (like toy stores or jewellery boutiques), airport lounges, car rentals, parking lots and more. A relevant list of businesses is also provided within each category, in addition to helpful information about whether it’s open, its rating and what floor it’s on.

Grocery pickup with Google

Earlier this year, Google launched a grocery pickup feature that allows users to place their order from the retailer; pickup with Google Maps let them track their order status, share ETA and let the store know that they have arrived, all from the app. The feature was first launched in Portland, Oregon, with select Fred Meyers stores, but it has now expanded to over 2,000 store locations in more than 30 states across the U.S.

Source: Verge


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