Audio and Video Lock feature

Google Meet is now rolling out a new Audio and Video Lock feature that enables hosts to turn off the microphones and cameras of selected members during a meeting. It further limits the participants from turning them back on until the host unlocks them. Earlier this year, the tech giant has provided Google Meet hosts with the power to mute all participants at once in Google Meet on desktop. The latest Audio and Video Lock feature allows hosts to prevent participants from unmuting themselves after they are muted.


Audio and Video Lock feature Will Give Hosts More Control Over the Meeting


Furthermore, the Audio and Video Lock feature gives hosts more regulation control over their meetings to guarantee productivity. For instance, a host can use this feature when a background noise disturbs other meeting participants. Additionally, the host can also decide on allowing different levels of participation from attendees.


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Moreover, during a call, the latest feature of locks will apply to any subsequently rolled out breakout rooms — smaller groups within Google Meet as well. Once a breakout room is created, any changes made to a lock setting in an individual room will not influence the settings of other breakout rooms or the main meeting.


The Feature Works on the Recent Version of Android and iOS


In addition to this, the feature works on devices with Android OS version M or newer and iOS version 12 or more current. Users need to have the latest updated version of the Meet or Gmail app as well. People using a version of Google Meet on Android or iOS that does not support the recently launched feature will be eliminated from the meeting if the host or co-host turns on either of the locks. 


If the participants of the meeting try to join a meeting that has either of these locks enabled, they will be directed to update their app or use another device to join the meeting. Turning off the Audio and Video Lock feature will allow these participants to rejoin the meeting.


Source: TechCrunch


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