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In a recent announcement, Google has declared the addition of the dark mode theme to Google search on desktops, allowing those who prefer to avoid bright webpages to complete their searches.

How to Apply Dark Mode Theme to Google Search?

Furthermore, as per Google’s support page, the users can make the change by visiting the Google search page and:

  1. At the top right, click Settings   Search settings.
  2. On the left, click Appearance.
  3. Choose Device default, Dark, or Light,
    • Device default: Automatically match the color scheme of your current device
    • Dark: Light text on a dark background
    • Light: Dark text on a light background
  1. At the bottom, click Save.

However, if the Appearance option is not available, the user will have to wait a bit, as the company has stated that the latest changed setting will be “rolling out over the next few weeks,” as many of its updates do.

Widely Requested Feature

“I’m thrilled to announce that starting today & fully rolling out over the next few weeks, Dark Mode theme is now available for Google Search pages on desktop. Thank you for all your feedback on this forum letting us know that this was a feature you wanted to see!,” said Hung F, the Google Search Product Support Manager. Moreover, Google has been exploring the feature of dark mode Google search for a while now, as the company started testing it in February.

The dark mode Google Search is also being tested for mobile, but that’s not part of today’s announcement. For some users, initiating the navigation drawer displays a “Dark mode” item that drives them to the same menu.

Google is Paying Hefty Cash to Stay on Top

Along with new updates, the company is also putting all its efforts in to remain on the top. For instance, in the recent news, it was pointed out that Google will be paying Apple $15 billion to continue as the default search engine on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2021. It is widely understood that the company pays Apple a lot of money every year to sustain the dominance of its search engine, and that includes outbidding Microsoft.

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Source: The Verge 


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